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Petit Dragoon

Slapstick Comedy, NonVerval Animation Target: Main ages(5-9), sub(Family) Curious Petti Dragoon(fire dragon), one day when he was solacing the boredom alone, he find Bellabella(chameleon) who changes his body freely, and he try to get close to him, but The mischievous Bellabella give to Petit the slip on the way in various ways. On the other hand, Blue Dragon(water dragon) who has sensitive personality, is concerned that Petit Dragoon is lighting the forest every time. There is a fun and curious story of Bellabella, Petit Dragoon and Blue Dragon.

Petit Dragoon’s Adventure

- Petit Dragoon: the dragon beast and strong, most often in a bad mood, but knowing how to be sentimental and stupid when he meets Dragoonette. He is content to spit fire through his nostrils when he is aggressive. - Bele-bele: the lizard (kind of little iguanodon) clever and mocking, he pulls his tongue towards Dragoon, always ready to drag Dragoon into a bad situation, he is sometimes caught in his own trap. Secondary characters : - Dragoonette: the feminine pendant of Dragoon, knowing how to handle the pose and the glance in love with him. She can also spit fire. - Bigosaur: giant version of Dragoon, can also spit fire. It only appears to put an end to Dragoon's aggression. Bele-bele having possibly manipulated it on purpose. Characters under study: - Crab-drone: a kind of harmful and very dangerous insect, which can cause paralysis or other diseases and handicaps.

Petit Dragoon’s Adventure

The soundtrack does not contain dialogues, but a music and some sound effects in "vocal / verbal" mode. Very cartoon-inspired series "Beepbeep and Coyote", and Tex Avery gags often handling derision and absurdity, the recurring theme is disputed between the two main characters.

AwoongDawoong’s Wonderland

Children in the 21st century are living in the flood of publication and visual media Every new character and new story are created with our traditional fairy tales

Monkey Factory

Synopsis : Pink, Yellow, White, Purple, Black, Green… All around the world, we are all monkeys! Come on board ! Let's meet the tribe of Able, Laïka, Wonk and many other extraordinary creatures of the Monkey Factory, an animated series based on ecology, brotherhood and solidarity. Fill you up with energy, poetry and humor of this original cartoon.

Storm Warriors

In particular, “D.B.F” (Drone Battle Fighters), a sports game staged on the hexagonal ring, is becoming increasingly popular. The players of “D.B.F” are called “Warriors”. They’re equipped with “Druntlet,” which controls the drone with the player’s body motion, and competes with one another with “Lethal Moves” created by coding special technology and activated by voice. Try to be the best 'D.B.F' player in the world the friendship and thrilling confrontation between Haneul and friends Storm Warriors!!!