Petit Dragoon’s Adventure

Slapstick Gag TV Series


- Petit Dragoon: the dragon beast and strong, most often in a bad mood, but knowing how to be sentimental and stupid when he meets Dragoonette.
He is content to spit fire through his nostrils when he is aggressive.
- Bele-bele: the lizard (kind of little iguanodon) clever and mocking, he pulls his tongue towards Dragoon, always ready to drag Dragoon into a bad situation, he is sometimes caught in his own trap.
Secondary characters :
- Dragoonette: the feminine pendant of Dragoon, knowing how to handle the pose and the glance in love with him. She can also spit fire.
- Bigosaur: giant version of Dragoon, can also spit fire. It only appears to put an end to Dragoon's aggression. Bele-bele having possibly manipulated it on purpose.
Characters under study:
- Crab-drone: a kind of harmful and very dangerous insect, which can cause paralysis or other diseases and handicaps.

Production Information

8 half-hours / 50 X 1′30"
Running Time.
1 Min 30 Sec x 50 Eps
Full 3D CGI TV series
Target Audience.
Preschool 3~5
NEOTANY Media Inc.
Production Year.
Created by.
Jeremy Choi
Directed by.
Jeremy Choi