Petit Dragoon

Slapstick Gag 3D Animated TV Series


Slapstick Comedy, NonVerval Animation Target: Main ages(5-9), sub(Family) Curious Petti Dragoon(fire dragon), one day when he was solacing the boredom alone, he find Bellabella(chameleon) who changes his body freely, and he try to get close to him, but The mischievous Bellabella give to Petit the slip on the way in various ways. On the other hand, Blue Dragon(water dragon) who has sensitive personality, is concerned that Petit Dragoon is lighting the forest every time. There is a fun and curious story of Bellabella, Petit Dragoon and Blue Dragon.

Production Information

8 half-hours / 50 X 3'
Slapstik Comedy
Running Time.
3 Min x 52 Eps
Full 3D CGI TV series
Target Audience.
Main: Preschool 5~9 Sub:Family
NEOTANY Media Inc.
Production Year.
Created by.
Gilles Hurtebize & Francis Lenoir
Directed by.
Jeremy SH CHOI